All about us

We are an informal book club, meeting monthly. Historically the last Wednesday of the month but due to numbers we now host a second meeting on the last Monday of the month.  The idea is that you read the book before you turn up. The price is currently £20 which is ridiculously cheap as it includes a 2-course supper and a glass of wine. I keep telling the venues that we WILL buy coffees and second and third drinks…

People are encouraged to come on their own or in a group….either way, I split you up so that there are no cliques. I currently have over 500 people on the list although each month numbers are limited to 70. This is on a first come first served basis but always works out as not everybody signs up every month. On arrival, at 7.30pm, everybody mingles at the bar with a ‘free’ glass of wine….the wine helps
to loosen the tongue!

By 8.15 you will be sat down at the table number I give you, ready to eat at 8.30….this means that when you chat about the book you are always in a small and intimate group which is less intimidating! Between the main course and pudding, we change tables. This keeps the conversation fresh and means you meet new people all the time.

Our first book club was in 2007 at the now-closed APPETITE Cafe. We were then homeless for 2 months but got by in my back garden with the loan of a glorified tent and my friend’s catering business. We then went to The Old Courthouse who fully embraced the club by providing curry and buying balti dishes when we read Q&A (a.k.a Slumdog Millionaire)!    The Old Courthouse closed in 2016 but we have found new venues.  Wherever the book club is held, we need minimum numbers.

Reservations for forthcoming nights must therefore be PRE-BOOKED and PRE-PAID.
This is non-refundable unless you are able to give 1 weeks notice.  If for any reason you can’t make future nights (having booked), please Email

I will always try to ‘sell’ your ticket on. Depending on when you cancel will dictate how long they then get to read the book!

Just for your information, I buy my ticket like everybody else and I take on all book suggestions so it’s very much an open and democratic book club…not to mention, non-judgmental, open, lovely, friendly, fun, occasionally glam, always interesting, blah, blah, blah…

Best wishes and happy reading, Jo