Yule book flood


I wanted to combine this beautiful, Icelandic tradition with a ‘secret Santa’ idea for book club members.  I had a sugar plum fairy vision of us all opening the same gift on the same day – Christmas Eve.  Through working at Red Lion Books I was spoilt for choice on which book to pick.   Initially, I thought I would choose a Christmas title but decided against this; finally settling on something which looked ‘just right’.  It was a neat looking, £10, hardback novella.  Recently published by an award winner novelist (and broadcaster), it is visually stunning.   The rules are:

  • It is a gift to you, from you
  • It cannot be opened before Christmas Eve
  • Its cover or book title can’t be posted on social media, because we won’t all open it at the same time.  I would love to see your comments and reactions – but no spoilers!
  • If you don’t like it and an unexpected guest turns up on Christmas Day,  you have a spare gift

I have tried to remember every person who bought a copy because they believed in the power of a good story and the magic of surprise. There is the huge, Welsh, magician who not only believes in magic but creates it. There is the grandmother who is flying to Australia on Christmas Eve – to meet her grandchildren for the first time.  There are several shift workers who look forward to opening it ‘after work’.  There is a family who lost a loved one this year and wants to, ‘make new traditions, starting with this idea’.   As well as Oz, other copies are going to Canada, France and the USA – that I know of.

Even if the book isn’t your usual thing, I hope you take pleasure from this idea of treating yourself to a book.  Happy reading and a happy 2019 🙂

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